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Dressing Rooms

By Hikaru
By Mcy00ts Team


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What do I get?

The sticker pack for each collection includes high quality digital stickers to be used with your NFT. The stickers come in various sizes ready to be used with social engagement, posters, or printed on various merchandise using third-party service providers. Each sticker pack may be redeemed to represent a single NFT for that collection.

How do I redeem stickers for my NFT?

Once you have purchased one or more sticker packs for one of the collections and your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with a unique link where you may redeem your purchased stickers by entering your NFT number. Each sticker pack may be redeemed only once and only for a single NFT. For example, if you hold 2 y00ts and would like stickers for each of them, you would need to purchase two sticker packs.

What types of files do I get?

You will get an option to download high quality PNG files of your stickers in large resolution. In addition to that, the redeem page will include an option to download various version of the images for use with social media or prints.

What can I do with my images?

The stickers may be used for anything you may think of, from social media interaction to prints on merchandise supported by such platform as Printify. As long as you hold the NFT represented by the sticker, you may use it for any purpose, personal and commercial, as outlined by the original NFT license for your collection. Please check with your collection terms of usage more information.

Will I get anything else besides the stickers?

Absolutely. As part of the project we are delivering a HUGE number of high quality art customized for your NFT and the sticker pack ownership is your ticket to upgrades and future drops. The purpose of the project is to provide an artistic and functional extension of your NFTs, bring the communities together, and raise the bar in community-driven projects for the benefit of entire web3 ecosystem.

How may I purchase the sticker packs?

We wanted to make it easy and convinient to purchase stickers without compromising the user experience. To achieve that, we've chosen several payments methods which include credit card, Apple and Google store payments, and purchase with crypto. You DO NOT need to connect your wallet or verify the NFT on the blockchain; use the NFT # to redeem your stickers. Safe and easy. Please note, we do not offer refunds on the stickers.

I am a proud owner of 1/1 NFT, what's up?

The 1/1 NFTs are super special and while not all 1/1s are part of the sticker pack (depending on the collection), we can design a custom pack just for your NFT as we have done for multiple holders already. These stickers are unique and created with personal touch from our artists while retaining the special qualities of your personal brand related to NFT or collector preference.